Terms & Conditions

The not-so-exciting fine print


Last updated: 18/05/2020

This page includes the general Terms & Conditions (Terms) that apply to specific services (Services) or special offers (Offers) Giant Creative Limited T/A Webzone (Webzone) may provide to any specific third party (Client) at any time.


Pricing mentioned on this website is in New Zealand dollars and excludes GST, unless otherwise stated.

Pricing is subject to change at any time without notice.

Pay What You Want (PWYW) pricing offer

What is and is not included the offer

The PWYW pricing offer strictly applies to either:-

  1. getting a new website; or
  2. redesigning an existing website

The offer only apples to what we consider to be “standard websites”.  “E-commerce websites”, “booking websites”, “online community websites”, “coming soon pages”, “single page websites”, etc. are not included.

The PWYW pricing offer does not apply to any of the following (unless otherwise stated or agreed upon as part of the project terms/contract):-

  1. software or plugin licenses (where required)
  2. bespoke development (learn more)
  3. SEO services
  4. copywriting
  5. content management
  6. web hosting
  7. domain name registration and/or management
  8. marketing campaigns
  9. graphic design, illustration or branding
  10. any other service we provide that is not listed above

Eligibility criteria for this offer

To be eligible for PWYW pricing, you must meet these basic requirements:-

  1. you must have a domain name
  2. all content must be provided to us in a timely manner (as specified in the project terms/contract you’ll receive when the job commences)
  3. your business or organisation must be physically based in New Zealand
  4. you agree to leave the “Powered by Webzone” credit visible in your website’s footer section for no less than 12 months

Web hosting

In order to offer our clients the best service possible, we provide a managed web hosting service along with each website we produce.  This allows us to work on a client’s website more effectively, make configuration changes, fix issues, etc.  There is a cost to this service, but it’s minor.  We’ll tailor your web hosting price to suit the scale of your website and this will be discussed with you before your acceptance of the job.


This offer is not available to clients with an existing/outstanding quote/proposal.

Free Website Mockup Offer

The Free Website Mockup Offer is designed to give existing website owners a way of seeing how their website could look after it is redesigned.


  • By requesting a free mockup, there is no obligation to accept or continue with any of our services.
  • This offer only applies to existing website owners.  The person requesting this offer must be the owner.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time or refuse any requests we receive.


Free support is provided to the Client at Webzone’s sole discretion.

Terms of trade

Please refer to our Terms of Trade page for details.