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What is Elementor?

An introduction to Elementor

Elementor is a page builder plugin that replaces the basic WordPress editor with a far more feature-rich alternative.  It has very quickly become the world’s leading page builder, replacing many other mainstream plugins that came before it.  It has earned the respect of millions of professionals due to its ease-of-use and powerful features.

If you’ve ever had to update the content of a website in WordPress, you’ll no doubt be familiar with one or more page builders (i.e. WPBakery, Beaver Builder, Divi, etc.).  You’ll also know how cumbersome or unintuitive those plugins are to use, even for some of the more basic tasks, like editing text or adding an image. 

Elementor allows website owners to create complex layouts visually and enhance the content of their web pages with powerful widgets, templates and design elements, even for people that don’t consider themselves tech-savvy.

The true beauty of Elementor is that it’s equally as useful for us as the website developer as it is for you, the website owner.

Why build websites with Elementor?

Here's the Top 5 reasons why we use Elementor

1. We can produce better websites at a quicker pace

One of the reasons we use Elementor is that it simply makes it quick and easy for us to build websites.

As web developers, Elementor gives us full flexibility to custom-build all aspects of a site’s structure and layout.  It also gives us the ability to add stunning design elements to make it pop, saving lots of time that it would normally take if we built it all from scratch.

As a client, the benefit to you is a more affordable website.  By reducing the time we spend developing the site, we’re able to pass massive savings on to you.  Beyond that, you’re also getting a better website with visually rich elements that will set your website apart from your competitors.

2. Your content is easier to change and maintain than ever before

If you’ve ever had to edit the content of a WordPress website before, you’ll be entirely aware of just how unintuitive many existing methods have been – until now that is.

With the advent of Elementor, you can now effortlessly manage all aspects of maintaining your website, from basic tasks (like adding text and images to a webpage) to more complex tasks (like changing page layouts or adding widgets).  Regardless of how much or how little you need to do to your website, Elementor makes it incredibly simple, regardless of your technical ability.

By using Elementor to design and build our websites, we hand over a completed website that can be effortlessly maintained by anyone.  Of course, we also offer comprehensive support, but the feedback from our clients that have made the switch to an Elementor-based website has been that they don’t need it.  Even our most technophobic clients have found that editing a website with Elementor is simple and enjoyable.

3. Pixel perfect, mobile-friendly design

You wouldn’t expect a new website today to be anything other than pixel perfect on every device, from phones to tablets to laptops and PCs.

But you’d be amazed at how many new websites are launched each week that are still not 100% optimised for mobile devices, and that’s a concern given that the majority of website traffic now comes from mobile devices.  One of the main causes of that is the inferior tools being used (i.e. poorly designed WordPress themes and hard-to-use page builders).

With Elementor, we can easily adjust the design of your website to work perfectly on all devices; and so can you when you add new content.  When you edit a webpage, you can view it in “mobile mode”, “tablet mode” and also “PC/laptop mode”.  In each of these modes, you have full control over how the page looks for each type of device.  This approach ensures that your website will be 100% mobile-friendly and responsive on all devices.

Some of the other page builders will offer some level of responsive design, but not to the extent that Elementor does over every element on the page.  In our experience, nothing else has ever come close to the level of flexibility that Elementor offers.

4. Virtually limitless potential

We can design almost any type of website you can imagine with Elementor.  One of the most common questions we’re asked as a web design agency is, “can my website do this…?”  With Elementor, the answer is always, “yes”.

We build websites with Elementor Pro which offers many advantages over the free edition of Elementor.  The Pro edition gives us the full capability to produce anything from a simple informational website to a highly dynamic, data-driven website.

Not only is Elementor a powerful design and development tool, but there’s also an ever-growing community of developers releasing new plugins to further expand on Elementor’s capabilities.

5. Worry-free WordPress updates

If you ask any honest web developer whether they’re happy for their clients to apply WordPress updates themselves, you would almost always get a “No”.

The reason for this is that traditional WordPress themes that have been commonplace till this point have been unfavourably error-prone during updates.

So, you might then say, “why bother doing updates?”.  WordPress powers over a quarter of the world’s websites, and keeping it secure and reliable is vital.  That’s why WordPress are vigilant at releasing regular updates to keep it all ship-shape and why website owners should be equally as vigilant at applying those updates.

With Elementor, potentially troublesome updates are a thing of the past.  We utilise Elementor’s own “Hello Elementor” theme which integrates perfectly with Elementor itself, and the result is an incredibly reliable platform which we, and/or you, can comfortably apply updates to without any worries.


We include Elementor Pro free-of-charge with all new websites

Elementor is available in both free and paid (Pro) versions.  Elementor Pro has many added features that we utilise to your benefit when building your website.

That’s why we include Elementor Pro free with every website we design.

If you want to delve into the differences between Elementor Pro and the free version, head over to the Elementor website for details.

If you’re an existing client, and you haven’t made the transition to Elementor yet, check out our Elementor Pro Upgrade offer for a web design deal you won’t want to miss.

Use Elementor Pro to edit your WordPress website easier than ever before It's included free with all websites!

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