Web Design Services

Modern, engaging websites are our specialty

Your website is often the first interaction your customers will have with your business. As experts in web design, we'll make that first impression count.

Web design services

WordPress website development

We build websites using the world's leading content management system (CMS) - WordPress

At Webzone, we choose to build websites exclusively using WordPress and here's why:-

Custom built websites

For projects requiring unique functionality, we'll custom build a website from the ground up

Custom built websites give us total freedom to make your website do whatever you need it to.

Template customisation

Nowadays, over 90% of the websites we build are done using a website template as the framework

Website templates are an excellent way to get a website up and running quickly. Did you know...

Managed web hosting

As a full service web design agency, we're able to look after the web hosting for you

Our managed web hosting service gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your website is in good hands, long after its launch. Here's what you can expect from hosting with us:-

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

A website is only useful if people can find it

We build each website with SEO in mind at every step of the way and utilise a range of best practices to ensure optimal search engine ranking.

Graphic design

Graphic design and web design go hand in hand. We have the skills to help your brand stand out

Graphic design is the cornerstone of a visually appealing website

Need an online shop?

For all things online shopping, we add a sepcial ingredient:-

WooCommerce logo

WooCommerce is the perfect accompaniment to WordPress, and here's why:-

So, what does a typical Webzone website include?

Every site we build includes these essentials:-

WordPress is the world’s leading website platform for good reason!  It gives you full control over updating your website’s content and the tools we apply to your WordPress website make the process of maintaining it effortless and fun.

Depending on the size and scope of your website requirements, we’ll either custom develop a bespoke website or design your site using our own premium template.  Learn more about the differences here.

Elementor Pro has revolutionised the way website owners can manage their web page content.  It’s very quickly become the top page builder for WordPress allowing you to effortlessly drag and drop visually appealing blocks of content onto a page.  The Pro version of Elementor is included free with each website we build.

Your new website will look pixel perfect on any device you view it on including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.  This is called “responsive web design”.

We use best practices when it comes to coding your website and this ensures that it will perform at its best in search engines.

Our fully managed web hosting service includes SSL as standard, so no matter what type of website you have, it will be secured with an SSL certificate to the latest standards.

It’s your content, so it makes perfect sense that you have full control over it.  Every aspect of your website can be maintained, edited, and changed as you see fit.

We pride ourselves on offering incredible support both before and after we build your website.  Need convincing?  Connect with us via Live Chat and let us know how we can help.

Beautiful design + engaging experiences = a quality website that communicates a reliable brand

In today’s digital world, remarkable web design is crucial for business success.  Visitors to your website are judging the credibility, suitability and reliability of your business from the first few seconds they spend on your website.

Why on earth would you risk losing potential customers by making a bad impression with a poorly designed website?  A well-designed website can work hard for you, 24/7, to boost your business, and that’s where we can help.