Secure Site Upgrade Offer

Convert your non-secure website to HTTPS

The offer

If you’re an existing Webzone client with a non-secure website (HTTP and not HTTPS), then this offer is for you.  We will apply an SSL/TLS certificate to your website and ensure that all elements within your site are loaded securely.  This brings massive benefits to your website and your customers (see below).

The benefits

Protect the integrity of your website and sensitive customer data

The information on a webpage is transmitted between a web browser and a web server with several points along the way.  On a non-secure website, an attacker could intercept the information at any of the points along this path.  By encrypting the information using HTTPS, you can prevent them from:-

  1. stealing your customer’s data; or
  2. putting their own data onto your website

On a secure website, when a user’s browser connects to a website server, sensitive information such as account information, passwords, payment details, etc. are kept confidential; even if there is an intruder spying on the network traffic, they would not be able to decipher the information.  It’s also much harder for someone to inject malicious code into your website.

Build trust with your old and new customers

Web users are smarter about online technology than ever before.  If you’ve ever noticed that little padlock icon in the address bar of a website you’re visiting, then you’re no doubt aware that it means the website is secure.  You can rest assured that visitors to your website are also looking for that icon, and “HTTPS” in the website address, and when they don’t see that, you’re statistically much more likely to lose that customer.  When customers see that you’ve taken the steps to secure your website, you’re instantly building trust with them.

Perform better in Google Search

A few years back, Google announced that their “Chrome” browser will mark all HTTP sites as “not secure” and this was implemented in June 2018.  Soon after Google implemented that change, they reported that visits to non-secure websites dropped by 23%.  Imagine the negative influence this could have on your marketing and brand.  Google also announced that some of the newer features they intend to roll out will only be available for secure sites.  It just doesn’t make sense to have a non-secure website in 2020.

What's involved?

To make your website secure, we will:-

  1. generate and implement an SSL/TLS certificate for your website
  2. add a permanent redirect to your site (from HTTP to HTTPS)
  3. update any links to third party scripts, content, images, files, etc. to include HTTPS
  4. test all changes



Pricing excludes GST.

Terms & conditions

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page for details.

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