Elementor Pro Upgrade Offer

Transform your website like never before

The offer

If you’re an existing Webzone client and you feel like your current website is either outdated or difficult to update, then this is the perfect offer for you.

A lot has changed with WordPress-based websites in the past couple of years.  One of the most game-changing improvements has been the introduction of Elementor.  This incredible tool makes it easier than ever before to manage your website’s content and it includes powerful, but easy to use widgets, for you to totally transform your website.

The benefits

Create and change content easier than ever before!

Elementor allows you to effortlessly manage all aspects of maintaining your website, from basic tasks (like adding text and images to a webpage) to more complex tasks (like changing page layouts or adding widgets). Elementor makes it incredibly simple, regardless of your technical ability.

Get an increase in overall website performance

We'll remove your current bloated theme and apply a new lightweight theme designed specifically for Elementor. This gives your website a massive increase in overall performance which helps with customer experience and also helps improve your search ranking (SEO).

Apply stylish, feature-rich widgets to your website

Elementor opens you up to a world of incredible, easily implemented features, such as slideshows, countdown clocks, eye-popping animations, and so much more.

Get a FREE upgrade to a secure (HTTPS) website

If your existing website is currently non-secure (HTTP), then we'll automatically upgrade you to a secure (HTTPS) website. This is the way all websites are heading, and your website absolutely should be secure nowadays.

Do more with "Pro"

Elementor comes in both free and paid (Pro) editions. We include the Pro edition free with every website we build. Elementor Pro gives your website a massive amount of added features, giving us - and you - the ability to produce virtually anything for your website.

What's involved?

To perform this upgrade, we will:-

  1. remove your old theme and page builder
  2. apply a new, lightweight theme optimised for Elementor, and either:-
    1. keep the current look-and-feel of your existing site; or
    2. completely redesign your website’s look-and-feel (additional charges may apply)
  3. apply and activate a “Pro” license of Elementor specifically for your website
  4. upgrade the website to be secure (subject to terms)
  5. test all changes

* You can optionally choose for an entire re-design if you’d like your site’s look and feel to be freshened up or modernised.



As each website varies in scope, this offer is priced on application.  Get in touch to express your interest and we’ll provide you with a super deal.

Terms & conditions

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page for details.