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If you’re in the market for a new website, you may have noticed that some web design companies offer “website templates” and others offer “custom built websites”.  You might then think to yourself “what’s the difference between each option?” and “which option is best for me?”.

The truth is, there’s a lot of misinformation online about the differences between website templates and custom built websites, so choosing the right option is probably not as straight forward as it should be.

What's the difference between "website templates" and "custom built websites"?

In general terms, “website templates” and “custom built websites” relate to files designed to control the layout and functionality of a website.  The main difference between them both is that a “website template” is a pre-made resource, whereas a “custom built website” is developed from scratch.

Let’s look at the main differences:-

Website Templates

Website templates provide a decent base to start a website project from because much of the ground work has already been done.   A website template includes everything to get a website up and running quite quickly.

However, the major drawback is that website templates are typically bloated with lots of unnecessary features because they’re designed as a “one size fits all” solution.  For this reason, they’re no longer considered a very smart option for new websites these days.

Custom Built Websites

Traditionally, custom website development has been reserved for clients that require a bespoke solution (i.e. a website that needs to perform a very specific function when compared to most standard websites).

However, there are tools available nowadays, such as the incredible Elementor Pro, that makes it possible for us to create custom websites almost as quickly as website template work and for much cheaper than traditional custom built websites.

What method do we use?

We have worked with website templates in the past, but we no longer do this for new websites.  Instead, we custom build sites using the incredible Elementor Pro page/theme builder for WordPress.

We custom build websites using one of the following options:-

  1. Custom web design using Elementor
  2. Bespoke web design using Bootstrap

Essentially, option #1 makes up the bulk of our current work, depending on what the project entails.  For this, we build websites using a “vanilla” WordPress theme (i.e. a fast-loading, bare bones theme with no bells and whistles) and then we customise it for the client, building the headers, footers and related content, to make a site that’s both streamlined and unique.

In situations where special functionality is required, we can custom build a website from the ground up using the Bootstrap framework.

Regardless of what’s required your next project, we’ll build you a unique website designed to meet the specific needs of your business or brand.

Want to know more?

We don't use third-party website templates.

We build WordPress websites using a "vanilla" theme which we customise to suit your business or brand, ensuring you get a website that's uniquely yours.