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Tell us what you need for your new website

Your details

Business details

About your customers or prospects

About your competitors

This step is crucial. We want you to let us know about your top 3 competitors (in no particular order) and specifically what you like or dislike about their website.

Other websites

If there are any other websites you like, regardless of what industry/business it relates to, let us know what you like about it.

Project details

Do you want an entirely new website or do you want us to redesign an existing website?

Website type

Let us know whether you want a simple informational website, or whether you need something more advanced, such as an E-commerce site.

Common features

Let us know what features you'd like to include on your website.

Special features

Let us know what special features you'd like to include on your website, if any.

E-commerce features

You've opted for an E-commerce website. Let us know what E-commerce features you'd like to include.

Animated content

We sometimes animate content to call attention to certain aspects of a page or make a page feel more fluid. If done sparingly, it can be used to great advantage but it doesn't necessarily suit all projects.

Website content

Getting people to see your website

Please give this step some extra thought. The more insights you give us here, the better we can prepare your site's content to perform well in search results.

Final details

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